The Dynapack™ direct couples to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This method of direct coupling plus its built-in strength means the Dynapack™ is always in control of the vehicle.

Controlling a powerful car on a roller dyno can sometimes be a daunting task. With Dynapack™ you have TOTAL CONTROL of the vehicle, with no wheel slip due to its direct coupled design. With that there is no inertia to mask the results, giving you greatly improved sensitivity, repeatability and significantly reduced time spent tuning and mapping! With the power of the Dynapack™ literally at your fingertips, you have complete control over the test and the demands placed on the vehicle. Flexible data presentation and analysis is available direct from the Dynapack™ in seconds. Dynapack™ chassis dynamometers are such a radical departure from the stereotypical roller dyno that it really is in a class of its own. Most of the previous assumptions made about chassis dynos (the roller type) simply do not apply to the Dynapack™ series.

Supercharged FG FPV GTP 5.0 335 on IPV Dyno – Achieved 575KW with

IPV Stage 3 performance enhancement package & custom mapped dyno tune

At IPV we custom dyno tune road & selected race vehicles and provide tuning services for Ford vehicles with SCT software.

Phone IPV – 07 377 2081 now to book in for a custom mapped professional dyno tune .

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The SCT X4 power flash programmer
is required when we custom
dyno tune your Ford vehicle
utitlising our SCT Advantage
tuning software

SCT X4 power flash programmer 
can be purchased from IPV 
pre programmed with an
 IPV base tune program
 for a selective range of
Ford Vehicles

Phone IPV - 07 377 2081
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